October 24, 2018

X-Cache header

  Caching, Technical Reference


NuevoCloud adds an X-Cache header to all responses to help diagnose caching issues. Since NuevoCloud is built on a globally distributed cache, the response you receive will be identical to every PoP in the world (ie, if a resource is cached for you, it is also cached for everyone else in the world). The X-Cache header value indicates how NuevoCloud will cache a resource:

  • Dynamic: The resource has a missing cache header or the cache header indicates it should not be cached.
  • Hit: The resource was in NuevoCloud's cache and the response was sent directly from the edge node without contacting the origin server.
  • Miss: The resource was not in NuevoCloud's cache, and was pulled from the origin server.
  • Expired: The resource was in NuevoCloud's cache, but was stale. An updated copy was obtained from the origin server.
  • Revalidated: The resource was in NuevoCloud's cache, but was stale. The resource was revalidated with the origin server by checking the E-Tag or Last-Modified header.