October 15, 2018

Creating a zone

  Getting Started, Zone Management


Adding a zone to NuevoCloud is as easy as signing up!

  1. Log in to your NuevoCloud account. After logging in, you will see a dashboard of your primary zone/website or the last zone you were viewing before logging out.
  2. Click on the pages icon with the blue circle (indicates new zones added within the last 30days).

  3. On the Add/Create New Zone Page (this is the same form as at signup):
    • Custom Domain is the URL to your website: http://www.example.com or http://www.example.com/some/path
    • Origin Address is the IPV4 Address to your server:
    • Origin Hostname is an optional hostname that will be sent to the server in the host header.
    • Origin Protocol for how the CDN connects to your server whether through HTTP or HTTPS.
Please Note: In order for our CDN to connect properly a CNAME record with your domain register (ie. GoDaddy) must be created pointing to global.nuevocloud.net. A how to for DNS registrars can be found in our documentation library: Setting a CNAME

Finally, click Create Zone and your zone will be instantly created. Visit the settings page to make additional changes to your zone.