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Network Data Deduplication Using Pseudo-Time

November 2, 2018

In the last article on the History of Pseudo-Time I mentioned that we use pseudo-time to accelerate network traffic. Network data deduplication is one of those applications. In this article we're going to cover how network data deduplication works; why traditional CDNs don't typically use it; and... CONTINUE READING

Encrypting the Long Haul

September 12, 2018

This blog post describes an existing function of our service. No change has been made to our network. The biggest decision we made at the start of NuevoCloud was the decision to develop our edge software from scratch, instead of building on top of Nginx or Varnish (despite their excellent work).... CONTINUE READING


Instantly Scalable Load Balancing

August 15, 2018

Today we've added support for multiple origin servers with load balancing. We balance the load at the edge of our CDN by expanding on our existing routing software. What this means is that we can balance the load with no additional resources and no warm up or adjustment period when a zone's traffic... CONTINUE READING