Dynamic Website Acceleration

A state of the art CDN engineered to accelerate dynamic content

Cutting Edge Technology

NuevoCloud was designed using the latest research and built from scratch to accelerate dynamic content.

Dynamic Site Acceleration

NuevoCloud uses innovative compression and routing technology to accelerate dynamic web pages and other "uncacheable" content, including REST APIs.

Cache Replication

NuevoCloud replicates cached objects to every node worldwide. So a single hit from anywhere in the world and your cache objects are stored across our network.

Adaptive Routing

NuevoCloud routes around internet congestion automatically, transmitting content over the fastest route possible, and keeping your website online during regional internet outages.

Origin Shield

NuevoCloud PoPs near your server form an origin shield, reducing the number of requests your server needs to handle.

Network Data Deduplication

NuevoCloud sends content to the edge of our network faster than any CDN with our innovative compression that reduces content by over 99% when being transmitted within our network.

Dedicated Edge Cache Space

NuevoCloud eliminates shared resource issues that occur with other CDNs. Cache space on each edge node is dedicated to your account. Easily achieve a 100% cache hit rate for static resources.

Full HTTP 2.0 Support

NuevoCloud fully implements HTTP 2.0 on both the front end (when talking to browsers) and on the back end (when talking to your webserver).
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