Dynamic Website Acceleration

NuevoCloud is building a CDN from scratch to accelerate websites faster and more consistently than previously possible. Join us in creating a new CDN architecture.

Acceleration Through Innovation

We started from scratch and reexamined how data is transmitted across the internet. Then we built our network from the ground up with new capabilities to transmit data more efficiently.

Dynamic Content Acceleration

Innovative compression and routing technology to accelerate dynamic web pages and other "uncacheable" content.

Distance Latency Flattening

Bring the world closer together. Latency increases with distance, but the further away from the origin server, the more significantly we reduce the increased latency.

Long Distance Round-Trip Reduction

TCP and TLS require more than a single round-trip to open a connection, introducing significant latency, especially over long distances. We reduce all long distance communications to a single round-trip.

Adaptive Routing

Route around internet congestion automatically, transmit content over the fastest route possible, and keep your website online during regional internet outages.

Network Data Deduplication

Send content to the edge of our network faster than any CDN with our innovative compression that reduces content size by over 99% when being transmitted within our network.

Origin Load Balancing

Distribute traffic evenly between multiple servers. Load balancing distributes your traffic in a predictable and consistent pattern.

Globally Consistent Caching

Websites are global. Your CDN's cache should be too. We built the world's only pseudo-time filesystem to give our platform an unparalleled level of consistency across the globe.

Global Cache Store

Our global cache filesystem replicates cached objects to every node worldwide. A single hit from anywhere in the world and your cache objects are stored across our network.

Dedicated Edge Cache Space

Eliminate shared resource issues that occur with other CDNs. Cache space at each PoP is dedicated to each zone. Achieve a 100% cache hit rate for static resources.

Performance Consistency

No more cache misses in one region and hits in another. Every PoP has the same data and will respond identically, regardless of your website's popularity in a region. Easily verify which files are cached.

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Key Features

Tired of CDNs that restrict important features to their enterprise plan? NuevoCloud gives every account every feature, including:

Websites (Zones)
Real-Time Reporting
Instant Cache Purge
Instant Activation
Global Cache Filesystem
Dynamic Acceleration
Adaptive Routing
Network Deduplication
Free SSL with Let's Encrypt
Custom SSL
Instant SSL Setup
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
OCSP Stapling
Origin Load Balancing
HTTP 2.0 at Edge
HTTP 2.0 to Origin
Automatic Compression

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions we've received. If your question isn't covered, send us an email.

Can I use my account for multiple websites?

Yes! You can use one account for unlimited websites. There are no extra fees.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! Add your domain name as the CNAME for the zone, and create a CNAME record with your DNS provider.

Does NuevoCloud work with WordPress?

Yes! We've added all of the options you need to integrate NuevoCloud with WordPress. No plugins or changes to your server required.

What is the maximum upload size?

Up to 100MB of data from your visitor will be forward to your origin server.

Can NuevoCloud accelerate streaming content?

No. NuevoCloud was engineered to accelerate websites. Streaming content is unsupported. But you can put NuevoCloud in front of your website, and serve the streaming content from a separate subdomain.

How fast does Instant Purge work?

Instant Purge is very fast. The command is immediately sent to each edge PoP and the file is deleted. Typically less than 1 second.